I work with drawings and storytelling; zines and graphic novels.
I was born in Tornio, in 1979. At the moment I live and work in Helsinki.

◆ Education
2015 Masters’s degree in Printmaking / Finnish Academy of Fine Arts
2015 Degree in Creative Writing / Critical Academy
2013 Masters’s degree in Art Education / University of Art and Design
2008 Bachelor’s degree in Art Education / University of Art and Design

◆ Publications
2015 The Beehive (Asema Kustannus)
2014 80/35 (self-published / Studio Panama)
2013 Pasterz (Centrala)
2013 Le Pasteur (L’Association)
2013  Sois sage maintenant (5C – la Cinquième Couche)
2011  Paimen / The Shepherd (Huuda Huuda)
2011  While #3 (self-published / Studio Panama)
2011  While #2 (self-published / Studio Panama)
2009  While #1 (self-published/ Studio Panama)
2008  Ollaan nätisti / Be Good Now (Huuda Huuda)

◆ Anthologies
2014  P / Aakkostoukka-sarjakuva-aapinen (Kutikuti r.y., Suomi)
2014  Colmena/ El Estado Mental (Espanja)
2014  Ruche/ The Journal of La Camaraderie(Belgia)
2014  Papa / Comic Atlas Finnland (Reprodukt, Saksa)
2013  Le Sauna public / La Bande Dessinée Finlandaise
2012 Specter (Kutikuti, Finland)
2012  Kuti Kuti’s Guide to Finland (Vice, Italia)
2012  Brave New World – Nobrow #7 (Nobrow Magazine)
2011  Midnight Sun – Kuš! #8 (Baltic Comics Magazine)
2011  Choking on HeroesTwo Fast Colour
2011  IltapäiväPäin näköä! (Like)
2011  Our Little Sea (Panama)
2010  PerjantaiKulttuurisia kohtaamisia (Like)
2009  Public Sauna – (Sarjakuvakeskus)
2009  After snowfallKuš! #5 (Baltic Comics Magazine)
2009  The Nest – Contemporary Finnish Comics in Russia (Boomfest)
2009  Comune raffreddore – Canicola n. 7 (Canicola)
2009  Pako / The Escape – Glömp X (Boing Being)
2007  Äiti / Mother Glömp 9 (Boing Being)
2007  Sisko – Sarastus (Kemin sarjakuvakeskus)

◆ Solo Exhibitions
2014  Gumbostrand Kons & Form, Sipoo, Finland
2013  p|m Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2012  Linda, Hamburg, Germany
2012  Galleria Jänis, Turku, Finland
2011  Aula Galleria, Tornio, Finland

◆ Group Exhibitions
2014  Kuvan Kevät 2014/ Kuvataideakatemia / KuvaTila, Helsinki
2014  80/35 – ZINES OF THE ZONE, valokuvakirjojen kansainvälinen kiertonäyttely
2014  Personal Taste – Myself Gelato / Inuit Editions & Studio Fludd / Bologna, Italia
2013  Taiteilijakirjanäyttely – Artists’ Books Exhibition / Galleria Katariina, Helsinki
2013  Kuti Kuti Exhibition / Kultures Maison, Brysseli, Belgia
2013  And Then With Powers Combined (FAFA Gallery, Helsinki, Finland)
2012 The World of Hyperreal (Berlin, Germany)
2012  Billnäs Young Atrtists’ / Billnäs Bruk
2012  Päin näköä – Finnish contemporary comics / Kiasma
2011  Camping Trip – Finnish contemporary comics / Salo Art museum
2011  Ramdam, raffut et grognementsInstitut finlandais
2010  GlömpX – 3-dimensional comics international exhibition tour
2010  The Last Match – International contemporary comics exhibition tour
2009  Virus / Fumetto, Lucerne, Switzerland
2008  BD Finlande – Finnish contemporary comics

2009  First Prize, Fumetto
2007  First Prize, Nordic Comics Competition

◆ Artist-in-residence
2012  Utö
2011  Mustarinda, Hyrynsalmi, Finland

§ 8 Responses to INFORMATION

  • junirose says:

    Hello Anna,

    Your work is really wonderful. I pinned some of your artwork on pinterest (siting you as the artist) but if you’d rather I didn’t, please let me know and I will remove them.

    Thank you,


  • Anna, though your drawings are not done realistically, I must tell you
    that they are all amazing, beautiful, and wonderful, and come to life.
    When I look at one picture or image, I am drawn to look at more and
    more. This is how good they are. Each simple line comes to life – you
    are an excellent artist. I am an artist as well and a writer, and a
    philosopher of my own beliefs.

  • Anna, though your artwork is not realistically done, each simple line of
    your work seems to come to life and lures me into wanting to see more
    and more of your work. You are an amazing artist. Your illustrations and ideas definitely captured me. I am an artists myself. I love your work.

  • lotta says:

    Anna sun työt on niin hienoja. Oon Suur-fani! t. Lotta

  • Claire Mack says:

    Hi Anna, I bought “While #2” at Short Run in Seattle this weekend – it’s my favorite of everything I picked up there – thank you!

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